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Stress 7 - Relieving Stress With Spirituality

A religious or spirituality lifestyle is generally a healthy one. Many people, especially seniors, use prayer as a means of relieving stress. The daily personal and spiritual practice of prayer can nurture your soul. There is a difference between prayer and meditation. Prayer helps you to build a relationship with God. Prayer is talking to God and meditation is listening. Once you have built a relationship with God and you feel connected to Him, it gives you peace above all understanding. God wants you to turn everything over to Him. God wants you to trust Him. During the state of turning everything over to God, you will feel calmer, safer and joyful, and it is through this relationship when you develop a buffer against stress. The joy comes in knowing that God always keep His promise. God will work it out!

Meditation is the art of stilling the mind. Transcendental meditation is a form of mental relaxation while managing stress. There are several different techniques that can be used when eliciting the physiological changes of the relaxation response. These techniques are listed as follows: Transcendental meditation (TM), Zen and Yoga, Autogenic training, Progressive relaxation, Hypnosis with suggested deep relaxation and Sentic cycles. According to well-known researchers in this field, TM seems to be the most effective technique used in the relaxation response because the blood pressure is decreased during meditation. Even with these and other relaxation techniques, people still question whether or not they can adapt as fast as things change?

By Dr. Mary E. Waters