Discovery of India

Using The Map - Part 2

EIGHTH CHAKRA: Area of the Body: The Electromagnetic Field (Aura)
COLOR: White
You will notice that the first five chakras are each associated with an earthly element --
earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Most people recognize the first four elements, but are
unfamiliar with the term "ether." Ether is a subtle, heavenly energy, beyond the earth. As
we move up the ladder of chakras, into the higher mental and spiritual planes, there are
no longer earthly elements associated with these chakras.
Lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment are human qualities that result from the
imbalance of the eight energy centers called chakras. When these imbalances settle in, we
often experience mental or physical problems.
People often come to me with emotional blocks in a certain chakra that have manifested
in the creation of a physical illness. The idea that certain emotions and talents live in
certain areas of our bodies is not a new one, but I do think some people have taken this
too far, and assume that if they get sick it is somehow their own fault. This is a negative
way of looking at this phenomenon, and does more harm than good when it comes to
healing our bodies and spirits. Your disease is not your fault. Illness is part of the whole
learning experience of life, and everybody goes through it. That's what it means to be
You can take an active, positive role in healing your own mind, body, and spirit.
See your body as God's perfect gift to you, for it is in loving and appreciating our body
that we begin the path to consciousness. The eight greatest talents of humankind are
located in the eight chakras, the eight major power areas of the body. The Eight Human
Talents are the gifts of God that make us different from all other creatures on earth.
Happiness is your birthright. The use and cultivation of these eight talents are keys to the
happiness that God wants for you.
From - The Body Mirror System of Healing